What to do When your Cheque gets Bounced?

Register a complaint in a police station which is then further preceded in a court. The court will either get your money back or they will give another punishment to the debtor. Consult a lawyer who is well known for handling dishonored cheques. 

We offer well-known associate lawyers who are experts in getting you cheques back. Debt recovery Dubai helps you to find your criminal and take your case in court. They will handle your case through negotiation and takes legal action if necessary.

Initial Course of actions to get your Money

At times you get a bounced cheque by an account owner which you get to know upon going to the bank. We are aware of the panic which prevails at that moment. You may get angry and start thinking to take legal action against the account holder. However, this is not a good approach. 

You must contact a lawyer so that he may resolve your case through settlement. But if in case you did not get your money through amicable settlement than lawyers may move towards judicial procedures.

Our “No Win No Fee” Plan 

If in case you did not get your money back that was bounced than we have a “No Win No Fee” plan for you. According to this plan, we will not charge you in case of an unsuccessful collection. Our associate debt recovery Dubai lawyers will try our best possible strategy to get constructive upshots.

4 Main Reasons for Dishonoured Cheques 

Below are the key causes of the bad or bounced cheque:

  • Inadequate funds in the owner’s bank account
  • Invalid Date of the Cheques or the cheque is submitted in the bank after many days of writing it
  • The signatures of the account holder do not match or are incorrect.  
  • Ambiguity in a written amount such as Amount written in numbers and words is not the same 


Seek help from our associate debt recovery Dubai lawyers if the check owner is not cooperating with you. Whether you are in Sharjah, Ajman, or Zeyd city our associate has full information about recovery bad cheques!

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