What are the seven rights needs to be followed by the employer?

The Labor Law of the UAE offers the Workers with primarily seven rights needs to be surveyed by the owner upon the finishing of the labor contract.

According to the Labor Law, a worker dismissing his contract has rights to all the below mentioned factors:

  • He/she can acquire his/her salary that remains unpaid
  • Will get charges for additional working hours
  • Can acquire annual leave
  • Will also be entailed to gratuity which is almost 21 days elementary compensation for every year of the initial five years of provision and 1 month any year after.
  • Get an air ticket
  • Notice period salary
  • Also attain recompence for biased removal which entails maximum three months, but this period can be even more if it is not stated in the contract.

As far as these seven rights are concerned, there are some additional rights that are too included in the contract like commission and bonuses

Never abuse your social group or colleagues

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