Type of Lawyers in Qatar

A lawyer is a person who studies and practice law. Lawyers are the interpreters of the law to implement the abstract legal theories and rules of law to solve an individual problem in the best possible way in the best interest of the society. Every country has a legal framework which works under the constitution of the country. A lawyer is well aware of the constitution of the country practice law in the interest of society to bring harmony and peace in society.

In this blog, we will briefly discuss the duties and responsibilities of a lawyer in Qatar. First of all, we will discuss the judiciary system of Qatar. Qatar has a monarchy or monarchy constitutional government. The head of the state is called “Emir”. The Judiciary system of Qatar consists of three categories Civil, Criminal and Islamic sharia. Lawyers in Qatar practice in these areas according to the constitution of Qatar.

Civil Lawyer in Qatar

Civil courts in Qatar deals civil, banking, commercial, insurance matters in the country. A civil lawyer in Qatar has a brief knowledge of all the domains like civil law, commercial law, banking law and insurance law. Lawyers precede all the cases of civil law in the civil courts. Civil courts in Qatar deals business disputes, insurance claims, commercial matters and all other social and family disputes.

Criminal Lawyer in Qatar

Criminal courts in Qatar main aim are to ensure safety and peace in the country. It is the responsibility of criminal courts to give verdicts according to constitution of Qatar in cases in which a subject is found guilty in an activity that is prohibited according to constitution of Qatar. For example bribery, fraud, keeping illegal things, drugs etc. Criminal courts hear all these cases in which a subject is harmed by physically.

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