The requirement of Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal translation Dubai is a legal text required for legal documents. The people who perform such translations are known as legal translators. The legal translators should be licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Justice, UAE courts, government departments, and ministries of UAE.

The company who provides legal translations should be accredited. The company should be approved to work as legal translation providers.

All types of legal documents need to be translated. There are two types of text in legal translations. One is known as source text and other is known as target text. There are two scenarios in which legal translation would be required. One is that document was prepared in foreign countries and now those documents are required in Dubai. In another one, the documents are prepared in Dubai but now required to be sent outside of Dubai. In both the scenarios it is very important for the translator to be aware of all the terms and grammar of both the source text and target text language.

All types of certificates need to be translated for official use in Dubai. Legal translators should be aware of all terminologies for legal translations.

Certified translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificate, divorce certificate, Driving license, academic certificates, medical reports, power of attorney document, court orders, agreement deeds, financial reports can be required for some legal purpose.

Translations of all such documents should be done with proper legal terms and proper format should be used for it. Proper editing and proof reading of legal translation services in Dubai should be done before handing over to the concerned party. There should not be any sort of spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistake in legal translations. 100% accuracy should be ensured by the legal translators. Quality of service in the field of legal translation is a must.

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