How its Work

Our associate are one of the leading debt collection advertising and networking services in qatar. Our service is unique in the sense that our associate have partnered with some of the leading collection services in the UAE. Our job is to connect people that need help collecting debt with the right experts. This helps people recover debt faster and professionally without the hassle of investigating every business in the region. However, in order for us to ensure the best results for all our clients it is important that they understand how the service works in their best interest.

How Does It Work?

First Contact

Most people contact us via our online form or through a source which has used our services. The best thing about our service is that our associate can even call people who get in touch with us via our online form. That said it is always a good idea to mention as much detail as possible about the problem you are facing. This crucial step helps us shorten the overall process because then we can just push your case to the right debt collection agency that has experience with issues like yours.

Recovering Debt

The debt collection agency assigned your case will start by calling the debtor. They are authorized to speak on your behalf and will let the person in question know that the case has been transferred to professionals who will pursue the matter until the debt is paid. That phone call is then followed up with a personal visit, all the while using psychological tactics. In most cases the debt is recovered in the shortest period of time, most debtors will pay up because they are being pursued constantly.

Legal Notice

There are times when some debtors will not pay. There are numerous reasons for this which includes that they may have become bankrupt. However, the next step is to escalate the matter and take the person to court. However, not everyone wants to take a matter to court. This is why at this stage we need to discuss possible ways of resolving the issue. We can help you by recommending a specialist bad debt lawyer. Some people may also decide to write off the debt.

Last Step

If the debt was recovered which it is in most cases, you will be paid the amount minus our pre decided service charges. We can pay in a variety of ways including via check, wire transfer or cash.

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