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Legislation that elaborates the legal rights of a person is called family law. Family issues like marriage, divorce, adoption, etc. This law covers all the features of human life. It must be handled with care.

Our associate law firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and U.A.E deals with all types of domestic issues in the region. Having extensive experience and knowledge our team of associate lawyers is considered the best as for as legal consultation for domestic disputes is concerned. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter our lawyers keep it easier for you and provide the best advice to get you facilitates urgently and also help you to save your money as well.


Marriage is a societal agreement between a couple, in which both make a promise to support each other and spend life together every thick and thin. It provides legal defense to the couple and their Childs and a successful future for them. Marriage law in U.A.E has various aspects for citizens of the U.A.E and foreigners living in the country. Consult with our marriage-related legal advisers in Abu Dhabi who will complete all mandatory paperwork related to marriage and you can enjoy a happy life.

Divorce Lawyers

The ending of a marriage is one of the most hurting moments in one life. Divorce is a legal endorsement that the couple is no more in any kind of social or religious bond. Various people face such painful moments in their life. Particularly when children are an aspect of relation as well it became much more complicated, so our associate advocates will assist you to resolve domestic matters. We offer the best attorneys who have an extensive experience in domestic affairs. We assist you to ease the difficulties of divorce and professionally tackle your case.

Domestic violence (spouse/children)

Getting rid of an abusive relationship is very hard indeed. Very often we witness women feared and reluctant to ask for aid. Usual reasons for such reluctance to legal aid are problems are as family repute, openness, and communication barrier. We have solutions for all legal problems, you just have to make a phone call or contact us via our website. Our associate family lawyers in UAE can guide you about your legal position and line of action. Domestic violence is an expletive and anybody could be a target of it. It’s not related to age or gender. Everyone can as for legal solution to domestic violence. When it comes to domestic violence with children, it is more painful. We take such cases with full dedication and high moral and ethical responsibility. We offer complete family law services for marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child adoption, and mediation.

We offer complete family law services for marriage, divorce, domestic violence, child adoption, and mediation.

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