Most of us must be facing difficulty in collecting debt from debtors based in Norway. We have an associate debt collection agency where associate lawyers assist the creditors whose amount is pending or unpaid from the debtor.

No matter whether the location of the debtor is Oslo or Bergen, our associate lawyers will access him and get your debts cleared on time. Our intentions are to provide you with a reliable debt collection system in which our lawyers efficiently deal with your queries. Our associate lawyers are very professional and they have much-needed knowledge about debt recovery in the constitution of Norway, has a team of proficient associates who understand Norway’s law and we have complete authority for recovering debt right after signing the agreement.

Keeping in view the criticality of the case, we use to provide custom-made services to every client. One of the best approaches that we offer to our customers, in order to make a trustworthy relationship is the “no win no fee” rule. As financial matters are very critical to handle and pursue further in financial matters, it is indeed very mandatory to develop such an environment that makes the customer feels satisfied.

How to start the debt collection process?

Just in case your debtor has crossed the committed date and still avoiding connection with you or even directly neglecting to return the due amount, then there is no need to get frustrated at all. Access your debtor politely and organize a table talk first. Give him a reminder about your invoice having a clear description by calling your debtor at his official contact number so that they cannot ignore you. Discuss the time span finalized in the contract regarding the retrieval of the amount to the creditor. Just in case both come to a consensus about the renewal of the date or extension of the time period for the debtor. The next approach is to gather the personal contact details of the debtor and contact him after the second deadline has been reached. If the debtor doesn’t communicate or even refuses to pay, then give him a verbal warning as per rules and regulations and contact a debt collection agency in Norway.


The satisfaction of our clients is always our priority and foremost concern. Our associate lawyer consumes a lot of energy by working day and night in case studies to develop a useful plan to help you in debt recovery. Right after making contact with our representative, there will be no need to be worried at all. We will tackle the issue on your behalf and hopefully together we will come up with a positive outcome.

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