Dealing with Debt collection to Settle Debt Disputes

Debt collection has become very important across the industries in the UAE. These industries want to recover their debts whilst maintaining their reputation and assets. Therefore, we provide debt services for our business clients and aim to maintain their cash flows cordially. Our law firm has experienced debt collection Dubai for almost every industry.

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Our associate debt collection lawyers have expertise in handling industries listed below:  

  • Real Estate

Our associate legal experts will help you in claiming, evaluation of claims, and analysis of costs and handles the delays for real estate disputes.

  • Breach of Contract

We assist you for breach of the financial obligation of the contract between two parties. Moreover, we provide an amicable settlement for you so that your business does not have to undergo legal actions 

  • Financial Services 

We provide our services for resolving financial receivable collection (Mortgages, collateral, Loan, Credit Card, and others) and settling disputes with the lenders. Our associate experts are knowledgeable about UAE business jurisdiction. We try to maintain the esteem of all stakeholders involved in debt collection Dubai. 

  • Insurance 

Our associate arbitrators and other legal consultants help you in collecting insurance. Moreover, they also assist the insurer where needed. 

  • Debts in medical filed

Our associate medical debt collection Dubai lawyers are well versed in medical debt laws. It is a critical process but our associate professional handles it whilst also protecting the rights of the debtor.

Avail our “No Win No Fee” strategy 

If any of the above industrial debt is not recovered then our law firm offers you a “No Win No Fee” rule. According to which if you did not get your debt back then we will not charge you our service fee. As we only aim to recover your debts and prevent them to be labeled as bad debts.


Our law firm facilitates all kinds of business and is not limited to the above-listed categories. Your repute and ease is our top priority. Either you are in Sharjah, Ajman, or Abu Dhabi we will help you to settle your loans and unpaid debts. Feel free to contact our law firm if you are looking up for debt collection or settlement.

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