3 Ways to Handle the Debt Collection Lawsuits in UAE

The entities who receive emails, letters, lawsuits or calls from the debt recovery Dubai departments, generally don’t deal with such situations.  But it exists whether they want or not.  They have to deal with them if when they are defaulters.  Most of the defaulters deal with this situation aptly while the other ones feel threaten while dealing with it.

Sometimes, the debt collectors use harsh language to give the debtor warning.  The threats can be for bank accounts, wages, or other properties.  By understanding the situation for what is being done, the debtor can deal with it legally.  He/she can adopt legal guidance to defend the debt collection lawsuits.  These legal steps are much better to take to protect your properties whenever it is needed.  Before taking these 5 steps, you should need to know about your rights first then you can take them one by one.  These steps include;

  1. Respond to the debt collection lawsuits: When a debtor is charged with the debt, mostly she/he fails to respond to the lawsuit in time.  It usually becomes in the form of summons and can open new ways for the debt collection department to collect the money.  So, it is important to respond to the debt lawsuits in time.
  2. Challenge the legal rights of the company to sue: By challenging the plaintiffs’ rights, one can respond to the debt lawsuits.  The person who is the creditor or choosing the way of a debt lawsuit against you will have to show the evidence of using this right to do so.
  3. Burdened the creditor with proof: When a creditor sues you then you need to know that the person will have to prove the right to sue you, the specific amount you borrowed and that you are responsible to pay the debt.

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